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  • The Arsenic test will let you know if your drinking, shower or bath water are sources of your arsenic toxicity.

  • Chloramine Water Test is calculated from the WaterWorks™ 2 - Free and Total Chlorine Water Test Kit.

  • The Chlorine Water Test allows you to test for chlorine in your drinking, shower, bath and animal water.

  • The copper water test will tell you if your drinking, shower or bath water is a major source for your copper toxicity.

  • The Drinking Water Test Kit lets you determine if your drinking water at home, office, the cabin or grandma's has toxins, bacteria or heavy metals..

  • Fluoride Water Test - How to test your water for fluoride.

  • Total Hardness water test strips for water quality offer a wide range of detection and calibrated to be both accurate and sensitive. .

  • How to test water for toxins. The EPA recommends that you test your water at least once a year. Water testing is easy to do at home.

  • The Iron Water Test is very convenient to run: dip test strip into sample for 30 seconds with constant back and forth motion, remove, and match color after 2 minutes.

  • The Lead Water Test is a revolutionary product designed to make testing your home and office for Lead safe, easy, and affordable.

  • Nitrate Water Test can be used for well water or routine home testing.

  • pH water test is a convenient tool for accurate, rapid pH detection in drinking, shower, bath, pool, hot tub, spa and well water.

  • Total Dissolved Solids - TDS is directly related to the purity of water and the quality of water purification systems and affects everything that consumes, lives in, or uses water.

  • The Water Metal Check is an inexpensive heavy metal test that tells you the total quantity of toxic metals and minerals in your drinking, bath and shower water.

  • The Water Quality Test is an easy, safe and economical way to test for the most common contaminants found in your home or office water.

  • Water testing is essential if you have symptoms of heavy metal toxicity or if yor have well water. 83 water tests in one economical water test kit.

  • I'm sorry, the well water test kits page is under construciton.

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Click the map above to view the USGS Arsenic map. This map illustrates Arsenic concentrations found in at least 25% of ground-water samples within a moving 50 km radius map.

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