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Bacteria Water Test is the ideal test for coliform bacteria.

WaterWorks™ Bacteria Check for water quality testing is the ideal solution when testing for total coliform bacteria.

Designed to measure the US EPA standard of 1 colony per 100mL of water, Bacteria Check is the safe, affordable way to determine the need for bacteria treatment. Ideal for service technicians and home owners, Bacteria Check uses a standard presence / absence growth media to give results in only 48 hours with no incubation required.

Bacteria Water TestSimply fill the sterile bottle with your water sample, cap, and leave in an unobtrusive, room temperature location. Media will turn purple if coliform is absent and yellow if present.

WaterWorks™ Bacteria Check for water quality testing is an ideal product for people who are concerned about the quality of their water.



Bacteria Water TestThe Bacteria Water Test is included in the Water Quality Test.

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