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Chloramine Water Test is calculated from the
Free and Total Chlorine Water Test Kit or
is provided in the City-Check Water Test.

You can do a chloramine water test on your home or business water.Chlorination of water supplies serves to destroy and deactivate disease producing microorganisms. It is particularly useful in treating drinking water resulting in an overall improvement of the water quality. 

Chlorination also may introduce undesirable taste and odor characteristics. To monitor chlorination and to minimize any adverse effects, it is essential that proper testing is performed routinely.

Free chlorine is a very effective disinfectant. Total chlorine is the combination of both free (available) chlorine and reacted chlorine, or chloramines. Chloramines are formed when free chlorine reacts with organic compounds including ammonia and disinfects the water. Chloramines are not effective sanitizers and may cause eye and skin irritation in addition to a strong chlorine smell.

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