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Is your ineffective bath or shower filter or
absence of a bath or shower filter making you ill?

An effecitve shower filter will remove toxins.If you don’t have a shower filter, you may be absorbing toxins and endangering your family’s and pet’s health. 

Caution: If you keep reading this information,
your relaxing shower will never be the same.

Being trained in the traditional health paradigm I blindly believed the government was protecting my family from toxins in our water. Only after discovering that we had mercury, copper and lead toxicities did I discovered the truth. I read what other web sites claimed to be concerns but could not verify their resources and references. After months of medical research review I’m convinced that many of us have a problem in our homes. I’m sharing my review of the published research. Actual medical and research references are located at the end of this page.


The water and pipes in our homes and businesses may be poisoning us. Most homes and businesses built prior to 1986 have metal water pipes. Most faucets and valves are brass, a copper, lead and zinc alloy. Brass is considered to be lead free if it has less than 8% lead in it. Lead is used to make the brass soft enough to make the stylish shaped faucets. Yet, that softness allows the acidic water to leach the copper and lead into the water we drink and bath in. 


You can test for toxic heavy metals and chlorine in your water and toxic heavy metals in your body.


I filtered our drinking water to remove chlorine, copper and lead but our body levels of the toxic metals kept increasing! The following research shows, without a doubt, that we can absorb toxins not only by drinking water, but also through our skin and by breathing the steam while we take a bath or shower, swim in the pool and taking a relaxing soak in the hot tub. It’s estimated that up to 66% of the toxic metals we have in our body comes from the steam from that relaxing hot shower.


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “approximately one in eight Americans is exposed to potentially harmful microbes, pesticides, lead, or radioactive radon whenever they drink a glass of tap water or take a shower.”[i]


Not ready to start using a drinking and shower water filter? Read on…

The Merck Manuel Medical Library states that the drinking water in the U.S.should be tested for lead. Lead poisoning is most often a long term disorder and may not cause sudden symptoms. Lead poisoning eventually has irreversible effects.[ii]

By the time you have a problem it’s too late to correct the lead damage!

  • Ugly Shower Filter
    The activated carbon water filter in the Ugly Shower Filter comes close to totally eliminating chlorine, chloramine, lead and copper in my shower water.
  • best shower water filter
    Which is the best shower water filter? I tested the "Best Shower Water Filters" and found them inadequate. They reduced some toxins but elevated another toxic metal.

[i]  Jobson MD, Grimm SE 3rd, Banks K, Henley G., The effects of water filtration systems on fluoride:  Washington  ,  D.C.  metropolitan area. ASDC J Dent Child. 2000 Sep-Oct;67( 5):350-4, 302, 304.

[ii] accessed 11/08/08. 



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Keith Bishop, Clincal Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy, Health Coach  

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