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Water Filters Lower Your Exposure
To Toxic Heavy Metals and Chemicals

Water filters improve your water quality.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “approximately one in eight Americans is exposed to potentially harmful microbes, pesticides, lead, or radioactive radon whenever they drink a glass of tap water or take a shower.”[i]

A shower water filter will reduce your absorption of toxins through your skin and lungs.

You will find additional information on water filters and shower water filters by following the links below: 

  • Activated Carbon Water Filter
    Positively charged and highly absorbent carbon in the activated carbon water filter attracts and traps many heavy metals, toxins and chemicals.
  • KDF Filters
    KDF Filters contain copper and zinc. You should not use a KDF Filter if you have toxic levels of copper in your body. Don't trust, test!

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[i]  Jobson MD, Grimm SE 3rd, Banks K, Henley G., The effects of water filtration systems on fluoride: Washington  ,  D.C.  metropolitan area. ASDC J Dent Child. 2000 Sep-Oct;67( 5):350-4, 302, 304.

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