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The Ugly Shower Filter 2.1 is an effective
economical shower filter.


The development of this effective, economical Ugly Shower Filter™ shower water filter system is a work in progress. I apologize for the ugly, black, large housing.


I found no shower filter removed the copper and other toxicities from our shower as good as the Ugly Shower Filter. I tried all of the well known smaller filters.   NONE OF THEM WORKED!


Ugly Shower Filter Testimony:Ugly Shower Filter

"After I grew my gray hair out a bit to shoulder length, I started noticing that lower portions of my hair where the shower water hits the most were yellowing. Over time the yellow got brassier and eventually my lower hair was downright green. 

I tested the shower head and discovered extremely high levels of copper, and also lead and other metals. Water testing revealed copper levels within drinking water standards, but even with a new shower head replacing the old one, those levels remain about the same as with the old shower head. 

Water testing also revealed that our kitchen sink carbon activated filter largely removed copper. I searched a long time on-line for a shower filter that credibly claimed to remove copper, i.e. that had carbon activated filters like our kitchen sink filter does, and finally came upon the Ugly Black Shower Head. I bought it and tested the water before and after its installation. It took the copper down from 272 ppb to 13.6 ppb. 

I believe that at that level any copper build-up in my hair will be slow enough that my regular hair cuts will remove affected lower hair before it gets to yellow or green again. It's great to wash my hair in the shower again without lugging water from the kitchen sink to use on my head! Carol in Seattle"


The activated carbon water filter in the Ugly Shower Filter come close to totally eliminating chlorine, chloramine, lead and copper in my shower water. My motto, "Don't trust, test!" is applied here also.


If you find that the Ugly Shower Filter™ does not lower your toxic metals in your shower water I will give you a refund.


Heavy metal toxicity and chlorine/chloramine toxicity is a serious issue. I developed this effective filter for my family I have it installed in both of our showers.


All components are made of very high quality materials.
Our high temperature filter housing can withstand temperatures up to 160ºF. Most plastic filter housings are rated up to only 100-125ºF, not high enough for most showers. The activated carbon filter can withstand temperatures up to 145ºF. The pipes are custom fabricated corrosion resistant stainless steel. 


Ugly Shower Filter™ 2.1 Activated Carbon Filter Facts

  1. The filter is rated to reduce chlorine for over 5,000 gallons at 1 gallon per minute. Higher shower water flow rates of 2.5 gallons per minute will decrease, but not eliminate the effectiveness of the filter. 
  2. Bacteria will eventually grow in any carbon filter. You should let the water run at high pressure for at least 20 seconds before using the water. This will encourage bacteria and toxins to be flushed from the carbon. You should replace the activated carbon filter cartridge within 1 months. 
  3. The effectiveness and lifespan of your filter will depend upon several factors including your water quality, quantity of metals, quantity of minerals, temperature, bacteria in the water and the amount of water used during showers. 
  4. Water pressure drop. musty odor and chemical/chlorine smell can be an indicator that your filter is not operating correctly and that it needs to be replaced. 
  5. Water tests for Heavy Metal Screening will verify the effectiveness of your new and used filters.  

Ugly Shower FilterYour Ugly Shower Filter ä kit contains the following:

  • Upper filter housing     
  • Lower filter housing  
  • O-ring lubricant     
  • ½” diameter stainless steel elbow     
  • ½” diameter stainless steel straight pipe   
  • White thread sealant tape   
  • Housing wrench   
  • O-ring    
  • C-10BC Activated Carbon Block Filter  


Ugly Shower Filter 2.1 kit: $179

Filter(s): are available for around $14 or less at most online filter stores


Start showering in healthier water!
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  • Ugly Shower Filter Installation
    The ecomomical, effective Ugly Shower Filter installation requires a few basic tools. Most handy men and women can install the shower filter in less than thirty minutes.

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