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Ugly Shower Filter 2.1 Installation Instructions   


Materials Needed

  1. Ugly Shower Filter™ Set: Shower filter housing, o-ring located inside housing,  housing wrench, filter, o-ring lubricant, thread sealant, stainless steel straight wall pipe, stainless steel elbow. 
  2. Pipe wrench and assorted or adjustable wrenches. 
  3. An old towel or cloth to decrease scratches to pipe surfaces. 

Before You Begin

  1.   This shower filter kit is based on 1/2" shower plumbing. Compare the straight pipe and elbow pipe size to your existing shower elbow. If you have any concerns about the size of the pipes contact your plumber. Your plumber and home improvement stores may have adapters if they are necessary. 
  2. Adjust the water temperature of your hot water tank to 125ºF or below. Excessive high temperature will decrease the effectiveness of the activated carbon filter and damage the housing.The water housing has a temperature range of 40-160ºF.The water filter cartridge has a temperature range of 40-125ºF.  
  3. Do not allow the shower filter system to freeze. Freezing may cause the housing to crack and leak. 
  4. Observe all plumbing and building codes.  

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Installation Steps 

  1. Use a wrench to remove your shower head from the existing shower arm/elbow. 
  2. Remove the shower arm flange from the shower arm/elbow and set it aside. 
  3. Wrap the shower arm/elbow pipe with an old towel or cloth to decrease scratching the pipe surface if you wish to keep the pipe for future use. Use a pipe wrench over the towel or cloth to remove the existing shower arm out of the wall pipe by turning counter-clockwise.  
  4. Remove the lower shower filter housing from the top or cap housing by twisting counter clockwise. Use the filter housing wrench if necessary.  
  5. Wrap one end of the stainless straight pipe threads with the white thread sealant tape.  
  6. Screw the white thread sealant end of the straight pipe into the wall pipe by turning clockwise.  
  7. Wrap the straight pipe with the old towel or cloth to prevent scratching by the pipe wrench.Do not allow pipe wrench to come in contact with the exposed threads.Use the pipe wrench to tighten.  
  8. Place shower arm flange back onto the new stainless steel straight pipe. 
  9. Wrap the exposed straight pipe threads with white thread sealant tape. 
  10. Ugly Shower Filter is economical and effective in removing toxic metalsScrew the top of the shower filter housing opening labeled “IN” onto the straight pipe.Hand tighten until the treads of the housing are going straight down. When you attach the shower filter housing in a later step, it should hang down vertically.  
  11. Wrap in a clockwise direction one end of the elbow pipe threads with white thread sealant tape.  
  12. Screw the white thread sealant tape end of the elbow pipe clockwise into the housing opening labeled “OUT”. Wrap the elbow pipe with the old towel or cloth to prevent scratching by the pipe wrench.Do not allow pipe wrench to come in contact with the exposed threads.Use the pipe wrench to tighten by turning clockwise. Tighten until the opening is pointing down.  
  13. Install shower head using a wrench.If the shower head connection has a gasket you may not need to wrap the elbow pipe threads with white thread sealant tape.If the shower head connection does not have a gasket, wrap the exposed elbow pipe threads with white thread sealant tape.  
  14. Pull the black o-ring out of the bottom part of the housing.  
  15. Lubricate o-ring with a small amount of clean o-ring lubricant. Insert o-ring in of the lower housing groove. NOTE: this step is important to ensure a proper housing seal. Make certain the o-ring is seated level in the groove. The manufacturer recommends that the o-ring be replaced after the second or third use. It till eventually breakdown and allow water to leak.  
  16. Install the water filter cartridge.Remove plastic wrapping from new water filter if present. Make sure filter is centered in bottom of the lower housing. Make sure cap standpipe, projection hanging down inside and in the middle of cap, slips into the water filter cartridge. Screw lower housing onto the cap and hand-tighten. D o not over-tighten. Do not use the housing wrench to tighten.  
  17. Turn on water supply. Check for leaks and make adjustments before leaving installation.  
  18. NOTE : Any carbon water filter cartridge may contain carbon fines (very fine black powder). After installation, flush the shower filter cartridge for at least 5 minutes before using the water. The initial water may be discolored due to the carbon fines. Collect the water in a bucket. You may use the water on your plants or yard or pour it down the drain.   
  19. It is recommended that you run the water at least 20 seconds prior to using for water for drinking, cooking or bathing purposes.  



  1. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. 
  2. There is a delay in temperature adjustment due to the volume of water inside the filter and housing. Take this delay into account when making temperature adjustments. Make slight adjustments and wait for the temperature change before exposing skin to the water. 
  3. Protect against freezing to prevent cracking of the shower filter system and water leakage.      

Enjoy showering in healthier water! 


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