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My Story: Our high levels of oxidative damage lead me to do a heavy metal test and discover we were toxic in copper and lead.

We’ve been using an activated carbon water filter since 1999 to make sure our drinking, cooking, ice and pet water was pure. As a pharmacist I knew there were concerns about chloramine, fluoride and prescription medications in the public water system. The in-line activated carbon water filter worked very well and it was inexpensive.


In 2000 I tested our urine for MDA and found that my wife and I had severely high amounts of oxidative damage even though we took large doses of antioxidants and ate fairly good. 


We had success in lowering the oxidative damage from Severely High to High by taking the supplements Juice Plus+® or Power Greens. I was not satisfied with the improved, but still high amounts, of oxidative damage. I was now on a mission. I did research and discovered that high levels of toxic metals can cause oxidative damage.


Heavy metal test with urine show toxic metals.The Heavy Metal Screening Test on our urine indicated that we had a high amount of toxic metals. I confirmed the Heavy Metal Screening Test results with the quantitative Comprehensive Urine Element Analysis and found high amounts of copper and lead. We are also suffering from several well known symptoms of copper and lead toxicities.


We have been drinking and cooking with filtered water at home and the office for many years. I tested our activated carbon drinking water filters at home and work and found no toxic metals.


So, how could we be so toxic in heavy metals?


water contaminationI tested our shower water and found copper and lead!


After learning what the EPA stated that copper and lead in water comes from the pipes on our houses, I was convinced. I was on a mission to find a shower filter to remove the copper and lead. I purchased and installed three shower filters that stated that they removed chlorine and lead. 


All three KDF shower filters increased the water copper levels!


After installing the Ugly Shower Filter™, with an activated carbon filter, our shower water is now has no toxic copper and lead, and total very low level of total chlorine (chloramine)! I just have to replace the filter cartridge every two months.



My family and clients lower their toxic copper and lead levels by:

1. Filtering drinking, pool, hot tub, bath and shower water with effective activated carbon filters

2. Taking a high dose of oral chelation capsules twice a week

3. Taking copper free vitamins and minerals five times a week

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Keith Bishop, Clincal Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy, Health Coach 

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