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Thallium Toxicity
Thallium toxicity symptoms, interactions in the body and toxic sources.
Thallium toxicity symptoms, interactions in the body and toxic sources.Thallium Toxicity Sources:

Fish and shellfish, enters food chain via plant absorption. Tobacco, rodent poisons. Coal burning and smelting. Electronic manufacturing, semiconductors, switches and closures, photocell batteries (NiCad). Glass manufacturing and medical procedures.

Synergistic for Thallium Toxicity Uptake/Retention:

Zinc, iron, or copper deficiency

Antagonistic for Thallium Toxicity Uptake/Retention:

Adequate zinc, iron, and copper.

Thallium Toxicity Physiological Interactions:

Absorbed through skin, lungs, and via ingestion. Inhibits RNA and DNA synthesis. Inactivates riboflavin. Inhibits cholinesterase and phosphatase. Accumulates in kidney, heart, muscle, brain.

Thallium Toxicity Symptoms of Excessive Exposure:

Anorexia, alopecia, ataxia, mental confusion, tremor, hypertension, polyneuropathy, immune changes.


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