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Are You a Heavy Metal Toxicity Victim?

Read the following heavy metals information and links for heavy metal poisoning symptoms.

Excessive heavy metal toxins increase oxidative damage and displace essential minerals. Both of these effects can have serious consequences in your body.

Heavy metal toxicity happens more often than you may think. Continue reading to see what  U.S.    and World health groups know about heavy metal poisoning.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO 1974, Florence, Italy) estimated that at least 90% of all chronic diseases can be attributed to environmental pollution in one way or another.  
  • Heavy metal toxicity may reduce the efficacy of medical treatment by up to 60%.  
  • Metal toxicity is a major cause of the production of damaging free radicals as well as undermining the internal environment and body chemistry. (1,2)  

There is little hope for antioxidants and mineral supplements to do their job properly, if the body is burdened with heavy metals! 

test for metals in water

Do you have a heavy metal toxicity in your body or water?

It's easy to test for metals in your urine , home,
business and bottled water sources.

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test for metals in water

"I have found that over 80% of my clients have high amounts of toxic metals. One common health concern is copper  and lead  heavy metal toxicity that comes from our home and business water supply. We absorb these toxic metals when we drink and bathe in unfiltered water." 
Keith D. Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy

Note the concerns of the U.S. Government Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). "Ingesting high levels of copper can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Very-high doses of copper can cause damage to your liver and kidneys, and can even cause death. Studies in animals suggest that high levels of copper may cause a decrease in fetal growth."

The ATSDR also states that the most likely place to be exposed to toxic levels of copper is through your drinking water, especially if your water is corrosive and you have copper pipes in your house.(3) 

Drinking water may have high levels of copper if your house has copper pipes and acidic water. Your water is acidic if its pH is less than 7.0. Test your water pH to see if it is acidic.

Yes, even the water in your home could be your source of heavy metal toxicity and a contributing cause of your health problems!

The Heavy Metal Screening Test is designed to be an effective component of your comprehensive health regime. Used in concert with other therapies proven to minimize the effects of environmental pollution, Heavy Metals Screening Test allows you, the health conscious consumer, to accurately assess your wellness action plan and take control of your health!

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  • Aluminum Toxicity
    Aluminum Toxicity: Aluminum is naturally present in some drinking water and may be added as a chlorination preparation at water utilities.
  • Arsenic Toxicity and Arsenic Poisoning: What are the symptoms?
    Arsenic Toxicity and Arsenic Poisoning: CDC and EPA state side effects of low dose long term exposure to Arsenic include cancer, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain,
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  • Beryllium Toxicity
    Sources of Beryllium Toxicity - Environmental, Occupational, Household, and Medical List.
  • Bismuth Toxicity
    Symptoms of bismuth toxicity include confusion, decreased appetite, weight loss, weakness, joint pain, skin rash, tremors, diarrhea, staining on gums.
  • Cadmium Toxicity
    Cadmium Toxicity: Short term and long term exposure to cadmium is animals and humans may cause high blood pressure, anemia and kidney effects.
  • Calcium Toxicity
    Calcium Toxicity: Calcium can be a nuisance as it contributes to the hardness of the water and build up on pipes or water heaters and may inhibit their performance.
  • Cesium Toxicity
    Symptoms of Cesium Toxicity include fatigue, muscle weakness, heart palpitations and arrhythmia.
  • Chromium toxicity
    Chromium toxicity has been shown to result in dermatitis, ulceration of skin or liver, and kidney damage in animals and humans by ingestion.
  • Cobalt Toxicity Sources
    Cobalt Toxicity Sources - learn how you can be exposed to cobalt at home, work, environment, and healthcare.
  • Copper Toxicity - What are the symptoms?
    Copper Toxicity: Copper in water can become toxic and increases the risk of many health problems including most cancers, heart disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and diarrhea.
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity - What are the symptoms?
    Heavy metal toxicity is directly or indirectly linked to health issues and diseases many people suffer from including cancer.
  • Germanium Toxicity
    Germanium Toxicity Symptoms, Interactions and Sources
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  • Iron Toxicity - what are the symptoms?
    Iron toxicity in water.
  • Lead Toxicity - What are the symptoms?
    The EPA states that you should test your water because the primary sources of lead toxicity in your drinking water are corroding pipes, connections and brass components of household piping systems.
  • Manganese Toxicity
    Manganese toxicity sources from the environment, work, and home.
  • Mercury Toxicity
    Mercury Toxicity - Inorganic Mercury toxicity, Ethylmercury toxicity, Methylmercury toxicity poisoning and sources.
  • Molybdenum Toxicity
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  • Gallium Toxicity
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  • Palladium Toxicity
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  • Silver Toxicity
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  • Tellurium Toxicity
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  • Thallium Toxicity
    Thallium toxicity symptoms, interactions in the body and toxic sources.
  • Thimerosal Toxicity
    Thimerosal toxicity sources
  • Tin Toxicity
    Tin toxicity sources can include Amalgam fillings, Eyeshadows, Eye liners/ mascaras, and Eyeshadows. Learn what the other tin toxicity sources are.
  • Titanium Toxicity
    Titanium Toxicity
  • Vanadium Toxicity
    Vanadium Toxicity source list.

Heavy Metal Toxicity References:
(1) Ozcelik D, Uzun H., Copper Intoxication; Antioxidant Defenses and Oxidative Damage in Rat Brain. Biol Trace Elem Res
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(2) Taysi S, Demircan B, Akdeniz N, Atasoy M, Sari RA., Oxidant/antioxidant status in men with Behçet's disease. Clin Rheumatol
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(3) ATSDR CAS # 7440-50-8

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