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Bismuth Toxicity

Bismuth Toxicity sources can include paint.Symptoms of bismuth toxicity include:

  • confusion
  • decreased appetite
  • weight loss
  • weakness
  • joint pain
  • skin rash
  • tremors
  • diarrhea
  • staining on gums 

How to test your body for Bismuth Toxicity: Hair Metal Toxicity Test; Urine Heavy Metal Test


Bismuth Toxicity Sources:

  • Drinking water, fruits, vegetables (small amounts), pharmaceuticals, antacids, anti-diarrheal and ulcer medications.   
  • Cosmetics, automatic sprinklers, fuse alloys, solders, pigments and paints, semiconductors, electronic components, batteries, metal mining and refining.    

Test your hair or urine for aluminum toxicity.Contributing Causes of Bismuth Toxicity Uptake/Retention:

Methionine deficiency

How do Decrease Bismuth Toxicity Uptake/Retention: 

Insure adequate Alpha Lipoic acid and methionine as “SAM-e


Bismuth Toxicity Actions in the Body:  

  • Binds to sulfhydryl detoxification sites, inactivates enzymes, affects methylation.  
  • Distributes to liver, kidney, soft tissues, and bones.  
  • Also affects central nervous system (brain and nerves) and mucous membranes.  
  • Excess may cause nephrotoxicity (kidney toxicity) with renal tubular lesions.  

Symptoms of Bismuth Toxicity and Excessive Exposure: 

  • Confusion  
  • Decreased appetite  
  • Weight loss  
  • Weakness  
  • Joint pain  
  • Skin rash  
  • Tremors  
  • Diarrhea  
  • Staining on gums  


Genova Diagnostics Toxic & Nutrient Elements Chart


This is not an all-encompassing metal toxicity list. There are other sources of metal exposure not listed herein.


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