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Barium Toxicity: Exposure has been associated with high blood pressure, brain swelling, heart damage, and breathing problems.

Barium ToxicityBarium is a naturally occurring metal found in many types of rocks. In stream water and most groundwater, only traces of barium are present. It is also used in oil and gas drilling muds, automotive paints, bricks, tiles and jet fuels.

How to test your body for Barium Toxicity: Hair Metal Toxicity Test; Urine Heavy Metal Test

How to test water for Barium Toxicity: WaterCheck

Recommended Barium Toxicity Water Treatment: Distillation or Reverse Osmosis[1]

Barium Toxicity Sources:

  • Contaminated water, air or soil.
  • Fish and aquatic organisms.
  • Rat poisons and insecticides.
  • Medical tests (barium enemas), barium salts.
  • Drilling equipment used by oil and gas industries.
  • Mining and refining, coal and oil burning emissions, processing plants (e.g. paint, brick, tile, glass, and rubber).
  • Arc-welding, metal fabrication work, fireworks, pigments, and cathode ray tubes.

Test your hair or urine for aluminum toxicity.Synergistic for Barium Toxicity Uptake/Retention: [2]

  •  Potassium or sulfate deficiency will increase Barium Toxicity 

Antagonistic for Barium Toxicity Uptake/Retention: The following will help the body to decrease absorption and increase elimination of Barium Toxicity. [2]

  • Calcium 
  • Potassium 
  • Vitamin c 

Interactions of Barium Toxicity in the Body: [2]

·    Displaces potassium and increases stress hormone (catecholamines).

·     High levels may trigger ventricular fibrillation, bronchoconstriction, and brain swelling.


Symptoms of Excessive Barium Exposure: [2]

·      Difficulties in breathing

·      Increased blood pressure

·      Changes in heart rhythm

·      Stomach irritation

·      Brain swelling

·     Muscle tingling/weakness

·      May damage heart, liver, kidneys and spleen.


This is not an all-encompassing metal toxicity list. There are other sources of metal exposure not listed herein.


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[1] National Testing Laboratories, Ltd. Corrective Action Brochure
[2] Genova Diagnostics Toxic & Nutrient Elements Chart


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