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Antimony Toxicity

Antimony toxicity poisoning symptoms,
sources and toxic effects in the body.

Antimony Toxicity Sources Include:

Meats, vegetables, seafood, tobacco, flame retardants in textiles, mordant in dyeing processes, metal work factories, rubber processing, mining, smelting and hazardous waste sites.


Antimony Toxicity - Antimony poisoning symptomsSynergistic for Antimony Toxicity Uptake/Retention: 

Magnesium or selenium deficiency increase antimony absorption and retention in the body.


Antagonistic for Antimony Toxicity Uptake/Retention: 

Adequate magnesium, selenium, and methionine decrease the absorption and retention of antimony.


Test your hair or urine for aluminum toxicity.Antimony Toxicity Physiological Interactions in the Body:

  • Antimony accumulates in adrenals, thyroid, kidney, liver, spleen, and bone.  
  • Clears rapidly from blood.  
  • Inhibits various enzyme systems.  
  • Binds to the good sulfhydryl detoxification chemicals groups.  

Symptoms of Excessive Antimony Exposure and Antimony Toxicity:

  • Antimony spots (from vapor)  
  • Eye and eye lid inflammation  
  • Chronic exposure can lead to; antimony pneumonia, alterations in lung function, chronic bronchitis, chronic emphysema, inactive tuberculosis, pleural adhesions, and irritation.  
  • High blood pressure, muscle break down, heart pain. altered EKG readings.  
  • Stomach and intestinal disorders  
  • Metallic taste  
  • Gout-like symptoms  
  • Anorexia  
  • Fatigue  

How to test for Antimony Toxicity: Hair Metal Toxicity Test; Urine Heavy Metal Test

Antimony Toxicity Reference

This is not an all-encompassing metal toxicity list. There are other sources of metal exposure not listed herein.


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