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Technical Information on Free Radical Damage
(Yes, there is a 5 minute home antioxidant test!)


oxidative damage photoFree radicals play an important role, both in health and disease.  A free radical is formed when a stable molecule either loses or gains an electron.  Once a free radical is formed it becomes reactive and begins to take part in both healthy and harmful bio-chemical reactions in the body.  When the numbers of Free Radicals are under control they contribute to healthy body function.  However, when Free Radical activity is not properly controlled they have been implicated in countless human disease processes and advanced aging.  Uncontrolled Free Radicals attack and damage healthy cells and DNA.  It is vital to our health that our bodies are equipped to control the production of excessive Free Radicals.  There are two active ways that every person can help bring Free Radicals under control: 1) Healthy lifestyle choices, and 2) Proper nutrition.  The OxiScore™ test is a useful guide to the success of these two areas of prevention.  



Modern industrial environments, lifestyles and poor nutrition contribute heavily to Free Radical production.  When the body is low on antioxidants Free Radicals increase.  Additionally, unprotected exposure to the sun produces Free Radicals in the skin, mental and emotional stress are key causes of Free Radicals, as is smoking, the taking of drugs of any kind (including alcohol), cooked oils or fats, exposure to petrochemicals, heavy metalsand even excess adrenaline or insulin all take part in Free Radical production in our bodies. 

A free radical is stopped when the electron difference (gaining or losing an electron) is corrected.  Molecules that can correct the electron difference are called Antioxidants.  The process of damage by Free Radicals is called oxidation (think rust on metal or the browning of a cut apple), and the process that prevents it is anti-oxidation, and the molecules which do the prevention are called Antioxidants. Antioxidants are found in dark colored vegetables and fruit and in dietary supplements. The life of a free radical has three stages: the initiation stage, propagation stage, and finally the termination stage. Free radicals are terminated or neutralized by nutrients (antioxidants), enzymatic mechanisms, or by recombining with each other.

When Free Radicals attack a cell they cause a particular part of the cell membrane to break off.  This damaged cell wall particle is called Malondialdehyde (or MDA for short).  MDA is collected by the blood, filtered through the kidneys and deposited in the bladder to be removed from the body.  Therefore, one can gauge the level of Free Radical damage they are experiencing in their bodies by measuring the amount of MDA in their urine!  The higher the amount of MDA in the urine, the greater the Free Radical damage the body is experiencing.  The technological breakthrough, OxiScore™ test, is specially formulated to react in the presence of MDA and change color based upon the amount of MDA present in the urine.  Therefore OxiScore checks the actual level of damage caused by Free Radicals in the body.  A
2001 article in the journal Biomedical Research said that "MDA in urine gives a 'global' index of the body's oxidative stress status."  OxiScore there gives one a 'global index' of the state of their nutritional health.  In studies at a major university, one researcher determined that this new urine test is 50 times more sensitive than blood/plasma aldehyde testing for understanding the bodies 'global index' of oxidative stress and Free Radical damage.
free radical oxidative damage lab testTEST VALIDATIONS  
The test was scientifically validated by means of the Conti Flourometric assay in the laboratory. This is a highly sensitive test that can measure minute quantities of MDA present in body fluids.  The results of the Conti Flourometric assay were compared to the colorimetric readings of the OxiScore test.  The results were presented at a 2001 scientific gathering.
The most relevant measure for malondialdehyde is in the urine. Blood contains only the amount of MDA circulating in the body at a particular point in time. The amount of MDA in the urine is an end point product.  Further, a urine test requires no needles.  The testing method used in the  OXISCORE Test was not converted from a blood test.  It is a urine MDA test that was modified from a complex laboratory procedure into a simple qualitative test. 

OxiScore does not tell you how much antioxidants are in your system.  It tells you something far superior; OxiScore reveals whether those antioxidants are being effective at stopping Free Radical damage or not.  The level of antioxidants in your system can be an abstract reading.  Different people will need different amounts of antioxidants depending upon their lifestyles and genetic make ups.  One of the easiest and most effective ways to know if your antioxidants are effective at stopping Free Radicals, regardless of the amount in the body, is by measuring urinary MDA. 

free radical oxidative damage laboratory testOxiScore  is not a quantitative test, nor is it a diagnostic test for any particular disease condition.  OxiScore provides a useful lifestyle and nutritional guide in the form of a color chart that is useful in determining the amount of oxidative activity in the body.  It is a qualitative test and is best used when divided into two levels of interpretation-high or low.  The goal with the OxiScore test should be to have a reading in the 0, 1 or 2 reading areas (considered low).  This is not easily achieved, and may require significant lifestyle and dietary changes to achieve the goal.  A quality antioxidant nutritional supplement, or a diet rich in foods with antioxidants is most important.  Personal genetics do play a part as well.  Some bodies have the ability to neutralize Free Radials better than others.  Comparing one person to the next is not important.  Each individual should set their own goals and OxiScore is an invaluable guide to achieving them!
OxiScore does not have any ability to diagnose any disease or determine illness and should not be used as such.  OxiScore simply measures the amount of MDA in urine, which is a measure of Oxidative stress.  Excessive Free Radical activity has been implicated in disease processes, however, there are many, many reasons for increases in Free Radical activity (see above) and OxiScore should never be used to replace any type of medical care, testing or advice.  OxiScore is a lifestyle and nutritional guide useful to gauge one's progress towards reduced oxidative stress.



The frequency for the OxiScore varies with each individual.  If an individual test color is in the high free radical range, the person should begin or increase antioxidant supplementation and lifestyle changes and retest once a month until free radical activity has been reduced. Oxiscore should be taken at least once a year thereafter. Your health status, issues and oxidative damage can change with time. Don't get caught by surprise.


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