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Patients with Parkinson's have higher amounts of free radical oxidative stress compared to patients with out Parkinson's. Laboratory validation follows.


Patients with Parkinson's have higher amounts of free radical oxidative stress compared to patients with out Parkinson'sR. Hubbard, R. Iacono, J. Westengard, and T. Westengard, and T. Schoonenberg, Depts. of Path. And Neurosurg., Sch. Med., Loma Linda Univ., Loma Linda, CA 92350.   

Evidence of oxidative stress in the Parkinson disease (PD) brain is recognized as multifactorial. Chronic use of L-DOPA to treat PD patients may also create oxidative stress. Fourteen pallidotomized Parkinson patients (PPD) (Iacono et al, Neurosurg. 36:1118 (1995) along with four non-pallidotomized PD patients and 17 caregiver controls volunteered for the study. All PD subjects continued their usual dosage amounts of Sinemet, their DOPA therapy source. They signed consent forms approved by the Loma Linda Univ. Invest. Review Board. Midmorning urine’s were collected and fluorometrically assayed for MDA levels from Conti, et al, Clin. Chem 37:1272 (1991). Amino acids were assayed by the method of Hubbard et al., J. Chrom. 431:163 (1988). The PD and PPD subjects compared to controls showed significant elevations in urinary MDA (p<0.006) (independent t-test) versus PD patients. L-DOPA therapy in PD appears to significantly impair tyrosine metabolism, but pallidotomy minimizes this effect and appears to lower L-DOPA requirements which in turn can lower undesirable side effects.
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