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Free Radical Test

How to do an inexpensive free radical test at home using your urine.

The Oxiscore is a simple, inexpensive free radical test that measures oxidative damage. Yes, you can do a simple free radical test at your home with your urine! Our free radical urine test will measure the amount of oxidative damage that comes from your cells and is released into your urine. A high amount of cellular oxidative damage means you do not have enough antioxidants to repair your cells.

Partial list of health concerns related to oxidative free radical damage:

Alzheimer's Parkinson's Huntington's
Cancer Cataracts Macular Degeneration
Wrinkles Athersclerosis DNA Damage
Glaucoma Asthma COPD
Lupus Endometriosis Osteoporosis
Pre-eclampsia Toxic Metal Damage Osteoarthritis
Cardiovascular Disease Rheumatoid Arthritis Many more...

If you have a personal or family history of the above concerns,
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  • Antioxidant Test
    Are your supplements lowering your free radical damage? OxiScore is an antioxidant test that gives you the answer in 5 minutes.
  • Free Radical Pre-Test Protocols
    OxiScore is a very sensitive colorimetric free radical test that can detect minute amounts of MDA (malondialdehydes) in urine. Detailed pre-test instructions follow.
  • Free Radical Test Validation 1
    FAQ: Why should I check my MDA ( Malondialdehyde ) to test for free radical oxidative damage?
  • Free Radical Malondialdehyde
    Parkinson's patients were measured for free radical oxidative damage using a malondialdehyde urine test. Laboratory validation follows.
  • Free Radical Test Validation 3
    The free radical oxidative damage urine color test gives comparible results to laboratory tests in patients with Parkinson's. Laboratory validation follows.
  • Free Radical Test Validation 4
    Patients with Parkinson's have higher amounts of free radical oxidative stresscompared to patients with out Parkinson's. Laboratory validation follows.
  • Purchase Free Radical Test
    The OxiScore test enables you to determine the level of oxidative damage and stress on your body caused by free radical activity.
  • Free Radical Test Technical Information
    What is a Free Radical? Free radicals play an important role, both in health and disease. Free Radicals are formed when a stable molecule either loses or gains an electron.

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