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Estrogens in Plastic Bottled Water

Potent Estrogens Found in Plastic Bottled Water

Estrogens in Plastic BottlesResearchers in Germany analyzed commercially available mineral water and detected estrogenic contamination in 60% of all samples. Some of the bottled water samples had an equivalent to 75.2 ng/l of the sex hormone 17beta-estradiol. The elevated estrogen levels increased the reproductive output of snails grown in the water inside the plastic bottles.

The water bottles contained polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Researchers concluded that widespread contamination of mineral water with xenoestrogens at least partly originates from compounds leaching from the plastic packaging material. These chemical possess potent estrogenic activity.

A broader range of food items may be contaminated with endocrine (hormone) disruptors when packed in plastics.

Estrogens in bottled water PET PETE Polyethylene terephthalate Polyethylene terephthalate is commonly abbreviated as PET, PETE or the near obsolete PETP and PET-P. PET has a recycle code of 1. Yes, Check your plastic bottles for this recycle code symbol. Most water bottles and soda bottles contain PET.

All plastics appear to have an estrogenic effects on all living organisms. These estrogenic effects include stimulation of cells to grow inappropriately and have a feminization effect on all animals.

We should limit our exposure and use of plastics when ever possible. The same goes for Styrofoam. Use glass or stainless steel containers whenever possible.

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by Keith D. Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy - May 1, 2009

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Reference Source: Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2009 Mar 10. 


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