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Aluminum Toxicity Sources

Aluminum Toxicity Sources - learn where you may be getting exposed to toxic amounts of aluminum.

Aluminum toxicity sources can include pots and pans.Sources of Aluminum Toxicity

Processed foods; cheeses, non-dairy creamers, infant milk formulas, acidic foods (e.g. tomatoes) when cooked in aluminum pots. Fruit juices and soft drinks. water, soil varies from 700-100,000 ppm). Air - dust and other particles from weathering of rock, mining and agricultural processes, metal working fluids. Antacids, antiperspirants, aluminum cookware. Renal dialysis solutions.


• Hazardous waste sites

• Construction, manufacturing, explosives, petrochemical and paper industries

• Tobacco smoke

Test your hair or urine for aluminum toxicity.HOUSEHOLD ALUMINUM TOXICITY SOURCES

• Food (coloring agent E173)

• Canned foods

• Canned beverages

• Processed cheese and cakes

• Soy-based infant formulas

• Deodorants/ antiperspirants

• Cosmetics

• Toothpastes

• Pots and pans, cooking utensils

• Astringents

• Aluminum foil

• Water treated with aluminum salts

• Tattoos


• Antacids

• Buffered aspirins

• Intravenous fluids

• Vaccines

• Implanted titanium medical devices

• Topical acne medications

• Orthodontics

This is not an all-encompassing metal toxicity list. There are other sources of metal exposure not listed herein.

Aluminum Toxicity Source Reference
NeuroScience Melissa Test and "Hidden Sources of Metal Exposure"

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